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Liv Your Lifestyle

Get creative and find inspiration to define and live your lifestyle!

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Liv Your Lifestyle

In exploration of a variety of areas of life, I realized that living your lifestyle is not just focusing on one concept, such as fashion; it is an overarching concept of the foods you consume, the scent of your home, organization systems, all the way down to your daily routines, habits and schedules.

Between behind the scene realities and the more unglamourous tasks, finding a creative, fun, and relaxed lifestyle that is curated to you can be a balancing act. I so often see individuals trying to copy and paste someone else’s lifestyle only to later feel stuck and frustrated due to trying to put together a concept that isn’t tailor made to them. Sure, processes might have to be simplified, but I truly believe your life can look like what you see in the coffee table books! 

My wish is to share my experiences, products, inspiration, and processes, that are simple and productive in hopes that anyone can take away something and implement it into their lives. Approaching everything with originality, you will be able achieve the goal of creating something consistent, yet flexible with whatever life may have in store. By finding a lifestyle that is authentic to your true personality, it will only allow more room for letting your purpose show through your life in every aspect.

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