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Styled Holiday Themes

As holiday parties approach, it's time to start putting together some festive looks that are unforgettable! Stay true to yourself and your style by pulling pieces you love, but don't be afraid to add that little extra something that makes you stand out in the crowd.


Keep It Classic


The holidays are the perfect time to pull out a vintage velvet dress or the fur stole that was your grandmother's. Modernize the outfit with a pair of bold fringe earrings, a sequined clutch, or a soft eye-catching hairstyle with a hint of sparkle.

On The Edge


If you're not one for color, but still want to stand out during the holiday season, choose a gold, silver or black metallic color palette. You can even mix them together if you are feeling extra bold! Add volume and texture to your hairstyle and create a shimmery smokey eye to create an edgier look. Textures such as leather or suede will make your look stand out from all the others.

Bold Glam


For those who love color and bling, this look is for you! A small touch of sparkle can go a long way with just a clutch or a statement pair of earrings. The glam is not limited to just clothing and accessories. Use brightly colored or sparkly eyeliner to add to the glitz to your makeup look. Even a metallic lip can simply be the bold statement you are looking to make.

Style Accessories For The Holidays


If you have a more understated garment, a bold accessory can be the showpiece of the entire outfit. Pick a piece that adds a pop of color, a fun texture, or a unique print.

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