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Living Room Loungewear

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Even if you are staying home all day, doesn't mean you can't style yourself for the living room. Find comfortable pieces of clothing and fun accessories to create a look you love and want to stay in all day.


If you are spending your day at home, but still want to feel and look put together, there are a few ways to spruce up your look while looking effortless and still being comfortable. Often it can seem like putting together an outfit takes a ton of time and effort, especially when nobody is going to see you. It doesn't have to be complicated. It doesn't have to be boring. You just have to find some fun and comfy pieces that are cozy and cute; or maybe the outfit needs some accessories to create a full outfit that is perfect for your day at home!



A fun pair of slippers can be both a practical and cute addition to your outfit. Even in the summer, open toed slides can give your feet warmth against the cold floors of your home. Find a lively pair with a fluff ball or something in your favorite color to give you the feeling of wearing street shoes, but instead they are warm and cozy!

Robes & Cardigans


A draped robe or cardigan can add simple elegance to a basic cami or tank. Find a piece with a touch of lace, a ruffle, full sleeves, or a bold print to add some drama to your look. This is a great opportunity to seek out some vintage pieces to add a unique flare to your closet.

Henleys & Button Downs


I love a good button down. It's so versatile. A henley tank or long sleeve feels soft against the skin and can be paired with a pretty bralette, or you can let it slip off you shoulder for a touch of sexiness and sass.

Dainty Jewelry


A little sparkle can go a long way. Don't weigh yourself down with heavy chunky jewelry. Instead, choose your lighter more dainty pieces to bring some life to your outfit. Even a simple pearl or diamond can make your look feel more complete over a bare earlobe or neckline.

Matching Pajama Set


In my opinion, there's nothing classier than a matching pajama set. Some might think the idea is outdated, but come at it from a modern viewpoint and you might just fall in love! From jersey, to silk, to flannel, to cotton, there are so many comfortable fabric choices along with unique prints and colors to choose from. Even the styles range from a button down with a collar, to ribbed sets with jogger bottoms. The options are endless and honestly quite adorable!

Hair Accessories


When you have to keep your hair out of your face, why not doing it in a stylish way? Pull out your printed scrunchy or bedazzled hair clips to add either a little color or texture to help brighten up your face.

Knit Shorts Or Joggers


Comfy joggers and sweatpants are now made to be stylish and can be mixed with dressier pieces to create a wearable look. Find a versatile jogger or short made from a ribbed, waffle or jersey fabric to give you a cozy feel while also looking chic. I personally prefer a style with with a drawstring so I can adjust according to what comfort level I want for my day or the position I'm relaxing in.

Sweaters Or Sweatshirts


A soft sweater or slouchy sweatshirt can be a staple piece in your day to day wardrobe. Just because they may be basic, doesn't mean they have to be boring. Look for little details that add a little flare. A frill, cutout, geometric shape, appliqué, bow or tie can are all great details to look for. Plus, not having an extremely loud piece allows you to put more effort into your accessories.

Even if you might not be seeing anyone from your day at home doesn't mean a baggy pair of sweats and oversized sweatshirt is your only feel good look good option. Find simple and light accessories to pair with your more basic pieces that are still comfortable to create an outfit that still makes you feel pretty and put together!

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