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3 Ways To Purge & Organize

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Hangers crammed together, items falling out of cabinets, piles of clothes on a shelf, and the feeling of an overwhelming space can lead to the urge to purge!


Taking on a whole closet or section of the house can be daunting. If not done quickly and efficiently,an organization project can be drawn out for weeks! Your personality, how you like to do things, and the amount of time you have can all play into how you sort and organize.

After many experiences of taking an overly stuffed space to a tidy systematized area, I have discovered 3 different styles of purging and organizing that can work for any lifestyle. Each one has its purpose that works with the type of project I am tackling and the band width I have in my life at the time. These techniques can apply to not only your closet, but in other areas of your home as well.

All At One Time


When we think of purging and organizing, this is the route that usually comes to mind. If a weekend is free of any other major activities, we take that time to go through all the toys in the playroom, sort garage gadgets, or clothes in the closet.

This way of sorting takes uninterrupted highly focused energy for large amounts of time. There is usually a point of feeling like the project will never get done once everything is out in the open, but the end product always brings a sense of accomplishment. If you can knock it out in an efficient and timely manner, it's worth the few days of hard work.

All At One Time

Sort As You Use Or Wear


If you like to take your time to think things through before you get rid of them, then this method might be the one for you! It's broken up so the process doesn't seem so overwhelming. This style of sorting also keeps the mess to a minimum so you can live your life without feeling the chaos of everything being out of order.

To start, I like to make sure I know exactly what I want to get rid of or sort through. Give yourself a sufficient amount of time to use or try everything on. The more you use the items you are sorting, the shorter the timeline can be since you will be consistently in that space changing things around. Make it a point to use the items or wear selected wardrobe pieces to see if they are sill hold enough value or style to keep.

Section By Section


Separating your home or closet into sections can be one of the best ways to organize efficiently and effectively. It can take as long or short as you want depending on the scope of the project and how much time you can dedicate to it each day. If you are wanting to go through the whole house or a bigger area, the longer it will take to go through each section. Doing a more concentrated area such as a closet or kitchen can take just a few days to complete.

Choosing a different category everyday or so helps break up the tasks and makes the project less daunting. Allotting chunks of time whenever you have them may be more attainable for your lifestyle. Sometimes I like to pair different sized categories together which makes a purging project seem more manageable.

For example, if I am feeling a little more energetic or focused, I tend to take on the bigger areas of the project. Some days, I will pair two smaller ones together and take them on at different times of the day when I have little gaps of time in my schedule. Another combination I use is the combination of a large to medium area paired with a smaller one. I tackle the bigger section when I have more time and finish the smaller one before I quickly run to another activity or go to bed. It's easier to accomplish multiple sections in a day when I know what I need to do and the rough amount of time I have to do it in.

One method may work better than the others depending on the project and your current lifestyle. I use them interchangeably and love them all for different reasons. Find your preferred purging style before your next organizing project!

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