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How To Organize Your Makeup

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Every once and a while, old and unused product piles up and your makeup space can become cluttered and overwhelming. A simple step by step process can easily create a more systematized area for you beauty supplies to be stored and can create a more delightful process for when you use them!


Over time, the makeup space gets cluttered and disorganized. You have to dig to find your daily products and some of your favorites can get buried and forgotten. Empty bottles can be taking up valuable space. Cleaning this space will allow for a renewed sense of creativity and bring a fresh outlook to your makeup game! New product can be added to each category and experimented with to bring a new look to life!

Clear Out Your Makeup Space


Whether you have a box, bag, or drawer full of your makeup, taking everything out of your storage space gives you the opportunity to start fresh. Having a large space to spread everything out allows for the contents to be seen and thoroughly sorted so nothing is missed.

Sort Your Products Into Categories


After your products are all out in the open, start sorting them into different categories. If your current system of organization is not working efficiently, this is a good time to evaluate if you need to add or eliminate certain categories to simplify your process.

Purge & Replace


As you go through all your products, evaluate each one. Give yourself guidelines on what you are willing to get rid of and keep. Be honest with yourself. Do you actually need all of these products? Is it worth keeping if you only use it once a year?

Identify which products you use often or on a daily basis. These are the ones you absolutely love and know you can depend on. Take note of your inventory to make sure you have extra stock for when you run out. This is also a great time to incorporate any new additions that you might want to bring into your current rotation. Place them in a location where they can easily be accessed often.

There's always a stash of a glitter eyeshadow, metallic lipstick, or neon eyeliner that is in a special stash of its own. You might not use these products frequently, but they come in handy for specific occasions and it's nice to have them on hand when the right event comes along. You can keep them in a separate space from your everyday makeup, but still make sure you to go through this and see what other fun products you might want to this collection!

Sometimes empty bottles can get buried and forgotten about. They take up space where a new product could be introduce or a new tube of the product could be instead. Get rid of used up bottles and replace the product or maybe try something new in its place.

Clean & Refill


Prepare your space by cleaning out the physical vessel you keep all your makeup and brushes in. Sometimes just cleaning the eyeshadow dust and mascara marks can make it feel like a whole new space! If your old system of organization wasn't working well, now is a good time to rearrange things to make it more efficient. Move your different categories around to make them more accessible for you!

Stay Organized


Even if you don't put your products away right after you use them, placing them back in their categories when cleaning up will help you stay organized. You can do small cleaning sessions more frto keep your space consistently tidy!

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