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How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

Cleaning your makeup brushes can be a task that is easily forgotten, but needs to be frequently done in order to prevent product build-up and a more difficult makeup application process.


Every wonder why your makeup doesn’t go on very smoothly or your face might be breaking out more than usual? Good chances are your makeup brushes are due for a deep cleaning. This might seem like a project that takes too much time and effort. You might also feel like you need to go buy a ton of product to do so. I’m here to tell you all that all those things aren’t true! Here’s how to clean your makeup brushes quickly and effectively with products you have in your home!


Mix Together



Dish Soap

Warm water



It is very important to note that you should dip only the tips of your brushes in the solution. If you go all the way up to the base of the brush, the glue will get wet and loosen the bristles of the brush. You can work the solution towards the middle of the brush with a gentle motion of your hands.



I use a silicone makeup brush scrubber to help work the product out of the brushes. If I have a utensils with a lot of build-up, I will sometimes add an extra drop of dish soap or more of the solution on my scrubber to help work it out. I also use my hands work the suds through the brushes. Continue moving your brushes back and forth until the water becomes clear. Rinse your scrubber often so you are not working the dirty water back into your brushes.

I use a silicone makeup brush cleaner to clean my brushes. To me, it's worth the $5 investment for as often I wash my makeup tools. It is so nice to have something with a rough texture to get in the grooves of your brushes without having to use your nails, your kitchen utensils, or a bunch of paper towels.



After each brush has been individually attended to, rinse each one to make sure all the dirt and residue is washed out. You can still use the same cleaning motion without the soap to make sure they are thoroughly clean.



Even if you are gentle, the shape of your brushes can change during the cleaning process. Use your hand to re-shape your brushes to their original shape.



Dry each brush gently with a towel and lay on a flat surface. I usually let them set out for 24 hours or until they are completely dry. Make sure they are thoroughly dried before putting them away to prevent mold and bacteria build-up.

Every few weeks, you can spray your brushes with a cleaning spray to maintain the cleanliness of your brushes but it's good to do a deep clean every month or so!

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